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Looking Local: Addressing Hunger, Poverty and WASH

By Dr. John Coonrod, Executive Vice President of The Hunger Project Why does hunger persist in a world of plenty? In a world that has made so much progress in achieving many of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), cutting extreme poverty

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Cleansing the World of Women’s Violence With WASH

By Case Keltner With World Toilet Day on the books and the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women being celebrated today, now is an opportune time to revisit the nexus between water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) and

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The Nutritional Value of Toilets

By Leith Greenslade This post originally appeared on the site for Every Woman, Every Child. Reprinted with permission. October 16th is Global Day of Action for Child Survival and I’m thinking about my mother…“Don’t ever, ever eat in the toilet!” 

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Integrating WASH and Nutrition for Maximum Health Impacts

By Jordan Teague (WASH Advocates) and Rebecca Olson (1,000 Days) On April 11, Administrator Raj Shah made ambitious and important commitments toward solving the global safe drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) issues at the Sanitation and Water for All

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The role of WASH in maternal health forms central focus of high-profile panel discussion in Washington DC

By Lenka Benova Originally posted on the Sanitation and Hygiene Applied Research for Equity blog. Re-posted with permission. Hundreds of thousands of women die of pregnancy- and childbirth-related complications every year and research suggests that in developing countries there is

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World Water Day 2014: Washing Hands to Save Newborn Lives in Asia and Africa

Originally posted by USAID’s MCHIP program. Reprinted with permission. Of the 3 million deaths among newborns each year, about 28% are caused by infections. However, many of these infections may be preventable by improving the handwashing behavior of mothers and

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Soap and Wheels: Sustainably improving hygiene, reducing the spread of disease, and lessening the burden of water-carrying is not rocket science

By guest contributor Julia Collins This article has been reposted with permission from the The Global Gender Update Sowmya Somnath – representing the Watershed Management Group and its Indian partner Grampari – trained conference participants on how to effectively wash hands. In

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Read these first! WASH Advocates’ Blog Series: Understand the Issue

WASH Advocates is committed to promoting rich conversations among those in the private, public, and government sector about WASH linkages and multi-sectoral solutions. To that end, we have produced several blog series in partnership with others. If you are interested

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Risking Rape to use a Toilet


This post originally appeared on Women Thrive Worldwide‘s blog. Reprinted with permission. Earlier this month, I visited the Dharavi slum in Mumbai, where much of Slumdog Millionaire was filmed. Home to an estimated one million people and an annual economy

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Eight Women to Watch: Rising African Women Leaders in Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene


This post originally appeared on African Development Jobs‘ website. Reprinted with permission. In the Mkuranga District outside of Dar es Salaam, maternal deaths have dropped to zero, which is unheard of in Tanzania. At 578 per 100,000 deaths, the national

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