WASH Advocates serves as a connector for the many stakeholders working towards the goal of sustainable water and sanitation for all. We sponsor sustainability webinars and other symposia to offer the opportunity for organizations to learn from each other about best practices.

Our monthly newsletter shares an assortment of the latest WASH news, activities, and events in the community. Foundations, corporations, nonprofits, academic institutions, and other public and private sector organizations each have a role in advancing access to WASH. By finding ways to collaborate and connect, we can speed progress towards the goal of water and sanitation for all.

Join the Conversation

Individuals play a key role in knowledge sharing. This section of the website is an opportunity for you to share opinions, post questions, and learn from others in the WASH sector about the latest and greatest sustainability news and concepts through the Discussion Board and Blog. You are encouraged to participate and we look forward to seeing you join the conversation.

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