WASH Advocates closed in December 2015.  

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December 2015: Farewell from WASH Advocates

November 2015: Lots of WASH jobs!

October 2015: UNC Annual Conference

September 2015: Joint Subcommittee Hearing on Water

August 2015: What can your data do for you?

July 2015: Financing for Development

June 2015: Sesame Street, WASH Reports, and More!

May 2015: Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Day

April 2015: Water and Development Strategy

December 2014: Year in Review- Top 10 for 2014

November 2014: WASH and Ebola

September 2014: Celebrating Progress in WASH

March 2014: Putting YOU on the WASH Map, World Water Day, and More

February 2014: World Water Day News, Profiles in WASH, NEW Resources

November 2013: Mr. Toilet Comes to Town! And Other Noteworthy November Events

October 2013: 2013 Water and Health Conference, International Day of the Girl Child, Global Handwashing Day and More!

September 2013: UNGA, Global Citizen Festival, Water for the World Act

August 2013: OOSKAnews Announces aquaNow; World Water Week; WASH & Urbanization

June 2013: Hot Summer Topics: WASH and Women, Menstrual Hygiene, and Urbanization

May 2013:USAID Releases First-Ever Water and Development Strategy

April 2013: WASH: At Every Age, In Every State, For Every Occasion

April 2013: SPECIAL EDITION PART TWO: World Water Day Roundup and April Activities

March 2013: SPECIAL EDITION: World Water Day 2013 Events

February 2013: WASH Advocacy from Portland, Oregon to Riohacha, Colombia

December 2012: Happy New Year! WASH Highlights from 2012

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