WASH Videos

Water Changes Everything
Jennifer Connelly: Water, Clean Water
Piss Poor
World Water Day Video from Charity: Water
Rep. Salmon visits the school children
of Porter Elementary School in Mesa
UNICEF: A Call to Action for WASH in Schools
World Water Day 2012 – The World Is Thirsty Because We Are Hungry
UN Secretary-General message “World Water Day 2013″
Matt Damon’s Promise to Haiti
Full Interview With Matt Damon About The Water Crisis
John Oldfield and Anand Naidoo of CCTV America discuss global safe drinking water.
GOOD: Water
Water Ink – BDDP Unlimited & Solidarites International
A Community-Led Approach to Sanitation Saves Lives in Mali
L’desh Fresh
Dehli’s Dark Water – Part 1
Dehhi’s Dark Water – Part 2
Dehli’s Dark Water – Part 3
Water Wars Special Highlights Pulitzers Center’s Work
Waterpoint Mapping: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Tanzania
Magdalena’s Story
Clean Water to Kenya
Lack of Toilets Worldwide “One of the Biggest Scandals”
Water for the World Act of 2009 Senator Durbin World Water Day Greeting
NL Water Partnership – WASH
Drop in the Bucket
Water, The World Water Crisis
India’s Sanitation Crisis
Gates Foundation – How Sanitation Can Save the World
Community-Led Total Sanitation
Jan Elliasson – TED Talk: The Global Water & Sanitation Crisis
Anupam Mishra – TED Talk: Water Harvesting
Michael Pritchard – TED Talk: Water Filter
Connecting the Private Sector to Global Development
Reinventing the Toilet | Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
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