Faith-Based Organizations

Many faith-based organizations have been supporting safe drinking water and sanitation projects for decades, on several levels. Through prayer, advocacy and financial assistance, religious congregations have brought extraordinary support to this critical global health concern.

There is now an opportunity to respond to this issue on an even larger, and much needed, scale. If your faith community wants to help provide clean drinking water and adequate sanitation, there is no shortage of ways to respond. Here are ways to get your faith community involved:

  • Contact the national headquarters of your faith organization to determine if it has a drinking water program with project requests waiting to be funded.
  • Work with overseas branches of your faith organization to explore new ways to provide access to safe drinking water to communities in need.
  • Learn more about the global water challenge and the negative impact that inadequate drinking water and sanitation have on communities.
  • Build on your faith community’s ongoing development efforts overseas by increasing the focus on drinking water, sanitation and hygiene.
  • Many faith communities have their own personnel in the field who can work with local communities to ensure the provision of safe, affordable and sustainable supplies of drinking water. If that is not the case, consider joining your effort to well-regarded nonprofit water organizations.
  • Begin work with a pilot project to help provide clean drinking water and sanitation to one institution.
  • Over time, support first-hand contact and exchanges between your faith community and the overseas community that obtains the water supply.
  • Through your local congregation’s worship and educational framework, identify times to emphasize the spiritual importance of clean water within the tradition of faith.

WASH Advocates is available to provide advice. Our goal is to increase the number of people around the world, regardless of faith, with access to safe water and adequate sanitation.

For more information about how your faith-based organization can respond to the worldwide need for clean drinking water and basic sanitation, please contact Billy DeLancey at

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