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Summer 2013: Water Solutions: A Q&A with Matt Damon and Gary White (Stanford Medicine Magazine)

7/31/13: Clean water and soap ‘boost growth’ in young children (BBC)

7/24/13: No Menstrual Hygiene For Indian Women Holds Economy Back (Bloomberg)

7/22/13: Sanitation over HIV fixation (Al Jazeera)

7/9/13: Calling All Young People: The Water Crisis Needs You (Huffington Post)

7/6/13: Gender Crimes Haunt Women Who Head to Field for Nature’s Call (Times of India)
6/20/13: A Surprising Barrier To Clean Water: Human Nature (NPR)

March 2013: Top 25 World Water Day 2013 News Articles

3/18/13 South Africa Has Most Progressive Water Policies, but Fails with Implementation (ESI-Africa)

3/18/13 Water Sanitation Crusader Killed in Karachi Attack (Global Post)

3/18/13 Talk Point: Is Water a Commodity or a Human Right? (The Guardian)

3/18/13 In Africa, Corruption Dirties the Water (IRIN News)

3/14/13 Asia-Pacific Facing Water Crisis, Says Development Bank (Channel News Asia)

3/13/13 Rains or Not, India Is Falling Short on Drinkable Water (The New York Times)

3/13/13 CSR in India: Are Companies Doing Enough? (Triple Pundit)

3/5/13 In India, Water and Inequality are Intertwined (Global Post)

2/28/13 Africa’s broken promises on improved sanitation exact deadly toll (The Guardian)

2/22/13 Text Messages Help Cholera Fight In Mozambique (Medical XPress)

2/15/13 Contaminated Water Stunting Children (Hindustan Times)

2/11/13 U.N.’s Water Agenda at Risk of Being Hijacked by Big Business (Inter Press Service)

2/11/13 South Asia’s Water Woes — Is There Hope? (Huffington Post)

2/8/13 Disruption of Sanitation Services in Syria Putting Children’s Health at Risk (UN News Source)

2/6/13 Q+A – Child-friendly Toilets Key in Fight to Improve Global Sanitation (Reuters)

2/5/13 Software May Help Predict Cholera Outbreaks (NBC News)

1/31/13 Bringing the True Value of Water into Business Decision-making (The Guardian)

1/31/13 India’s Prime Minister Asks Developed Nations to Use Less Energy and Water (The New York Times)

1/31/13 Lack of Toilets, Clean Water Costs World $260 Billion a Year (Alert Net)

1/30/13 Ecological Engineering Solves Unsafe Water Problems in Bolivia (Newswise)

1/29/13 Study Reveals Impact of Combined Water and Sanitation Interventions in Rural Bangladesh (icddr,b)

9/17/12 India Tackles Open Defecation CNN

9/17/12 Water and Sanitation Are Key to Saving Lives and Boosting Economic Growth Huffington Post

9/11/12 OP-ED: Women and Girls at Heart of the Blue Revolution IPS

7/26/12 Mobile Technology Boosts Water Security for the Poor Reuters AlertNet

7/23/12 Why the Time for a China-India Water Treaty is Now CNN

7/16/12: Indian Communities Face Daily Struggle for Clean Water CNN

7/2/12: Manchester Rotarian Spearheads Clean Water Projects In Guatemala  The Hartford Courant

7/1/12: Is Water the World’s Next Global Security Threat? The Atlantic

7/16/12: Mexicans Struggle to Kick Bottled-Water Habit  The New York Times

7/12/12: Rwanda: Residents of Karongi Benefit From Wash Program

7/17/12: The Water Warriors The Hindu

7/18/12: Abandoning Old Practices for Better Sanitation Jakarta Post

7/6/12: La Community Cries for Water, Sanitation Services Daily Guide

7/8/12: Punjab Plans Access to Flush Toilets for all by 2025 The Express Tribune

7/10/12: Haryana Aims for Total Rural Sanitation by Current Fiscal End The Indian Express

7/1/12: EU, UNICEF Earmark Euro €31 million for Water Projects in Six States  THISDAY Live

7/3/12: Water Flows Through Heart of Sustainability Challenges  Business Day

7/2/12: Zimbabwe: U.S. $50 Million Wash Project Launched

7/3/12: Chatham Camp Raises over $800 for Clean Water

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